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Design & Development

At Raymond's Tool & Gage LLC, we specialize in the design of new tooling fixtures, dies, and molds, as well as the development of existing ones. We improve upon existing production and tooling processes through innovation and superior design, which can greatly increase the productivity of your company's line workers.

Much of our business comes to us in the form of ideas that our customers have in regards to new production processes, or problems with their existing process that needs improving upon. We are pleased to offer design services using AutoCAD Release 2000. We are able to send and receive blueprints and digital photographs by E-mail, offering a more flexible way to do business. Raymond's Tool & Gage LLC also has the facilities to meet all of your fixture, gage, die, and mold production needs. We regularly ship our products to companies located all over the United States, as well as to companies overseas .

At Raymond's Tool & Gage, we are proud of the high quality products we can offer our customers. Our ISO 9001 certification number is, FM 561598 and, is staffed with certified journeymen and machinists.

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